Cookie policy

This web site uses cookies to deliver the best possible browsing experience for our visitors. Cookies are text files that identify your computer to our server and provide us with non-personal statistical information about what you do on the web site. You generally have the opportunity to set your computer to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. If you refuse a cookie it may prevent the proper operation of the site. You can find out more about managing cookies at this web site.

Details of the cookies we use

The table below explains the cookies we use, why we use them and how long they last.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around the site and use its features and/or services. Without these absolutely necessary cookies, the site will not perform as smoothly for you as we would like it to and we may not be able to provide the site with certain services or features.

Cookie NameProviderCategoryDurationPurpose 15 monthsThis cookie is used to remember a user’s choice about cookies on our website. Where users have previously indicated a preference, that user’s preference will be stored in this cookie. 
euconsent-v2press.creoarts.comFunctional (consent)SessionThis cookie contains the IAB TCF consent string and consent information for vendors belonging to the vendors list for each purpose
_qcapress.creoarts.comFunctional (consent)SessionMarketing/Tracking cookie to store and track audience reach

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies help us to improve our website by collecting and reporting information on its usage.

Cookie NameProviderCategoryDurationPurpose
_gapress.creoarts.comStatistics2 YearsThis cookie is used for Google Analytics to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier.
_gidpress.creoarts.comPerformance1 DayThis cookie is used for Google Analytics to store and update a unique value for each page visited.


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